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Research based treatment/Goal Setting/Values based activities/Stress management Skills/Balance Work, Life, Family/Cutting edge addiction treatment


Malena Hallahan integrates the most efficient, research based and cutting edge mental health treatment strategies for various addiction problems with years of collective experiences in developing and forwarding services to meet the needs of the client.


The needs of the client are thoroughly analysed. This is done in order to provide unique and cost efficient solutions for individuals who need services for emotional and addictive issues as well as to establish individual treatment plans and treatment provision for individual clients.


​Evidence based techniques and interventions are creatively combined to provide you the client with the best possible results.


  • Face to face therapy sessions

  • Individually tailored treatment

  • Evidence based techniques

  • Cutting edge treatments


Years of experiences within the field of mental-, physical health and addictions to suit individual needs.


Addiction Problems treated:


  • Substance abuse

  • Drug addiction

  • Gaming addiction

  • Problem gambling

  • Sex addiction


Problem gambling is a growing problem which is typically hidden in nature. Unlike substance abuse, drug addiction and food addiction Problem Gambling does not come with any detectable physical signs and can hence easily remain a hidden problem for many years.



People engage in various addictions for a variety of reasons:


  • escaping from negative feelings and difficult mood states

  • the buzz of risk taking behaviour

  • ‘numbing out’ problems

  • to increase sense of control


In addition to the addiction problems other symptoms may be present:


  • Symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety

  • Increased lying and concealing of the addiction itself

  • Increased preoccupation with the addiction




Treatment for the various types of addictions vary somewhat, hence treatment will be tailored to fit with your needs.

Addictions Problems Treatments

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