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Another stressful day

Thoughts about stress by Malena Hallahan CPsychol

Believe it or not but stress is good for us! We can become more productive and successful if there is some pressure on us to perform which in turn can make us feel better about ourselves. #

The problem occurs when we are under prolonged pressure to perform or experience perceived or actual threat. Stress can over time turn into anxiety.

Stress and anxiety can impact significantly on a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing in addition to ones’ social life. There are several signs to look out for when checking if you are stressed. Once you have checked and it has been established that you do indeed suffer from stress it will leave you in a position to actually choose how you would like to proceed i.e. either continue to keep going the way you have always behaved such as engaging in unhelpful destructive behaviours or to actually start planning for how to change your life and start looking after yourself by learning new healthier long term coping strategies.

Malena © Malena Hallahan 2016

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